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Located not far from our sister business Spectrum Plants, Indoor Eden is your one-stop-shop for all your indoor plant baby requirements. Our beautiful indoor jungle will blow your mind and you could easily spend an afternoon searching for your perfect addition to your home. We understand that people who love their plants, really love their plants, they become part of the family. Our staff will help you decide what plant is best for your purpose and ensure that they match you to your perfect plant. The love and attention paid to our babies see the team cultivate these plants from infancy and have them healthy and ready for their new home.

Indoor Eden is the perfect place to come when you are looking for a gift for someone special. We have a massive range of not only standard indoor plants but specialty plants as well. Plants that will be statement pieces for your home, that will set you apart from your neighbours. Of course, you can’t have a huge range of indoor plants without a great range of pots to match it. Big or small, subtle, or fancy, if you can’t find the right pot for your plant baby then you’re not looking hard enough. If you have something specific in mind our expert team are more than happy to assist and if we don’t have it in stock, we can track it down for you.

Indoor Plants – More than just a decoration

Indoor plants are the perfect addition to any home and offer a lot more than just a pop of colour in a room. Indoor plants have been proven to clean the air of pollutants, reduce your stress, boost your moods, and even increase your creativity.

There is no doubt that the air inside your home holds more pollutants than the air outside and there are many plants that can work hard for you to make the air inside cleaner. We use so many chemicals and products around our home or office and the right Indoor Plant will not

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